• Wendy Besel Hahn

    Wendy Besel Hahn

    #Writer, educator, suburban cliche, Gentile from #Utah, #binder. Pubs. @Washingtonpost, @Cratelit @SotoSpeakJrnl, @frontporchlit

  • Peter Stern

    Peter Stern

    Web designer and social media coordinator for Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of @hiindustries. Happily married, and soon to be a dad.

  • Maja B.

    Maja B.

  • Christine Wood

    Christine Wood

    Public speaker, trainer + social business strategist. Partner + Innovation lead for an award-winning PR, Communications + New Media Consultancy.

  • Mathias Black

    Mathias Black

    Writer, managing editor and content strategist living in Copenhagen.

  • James Neal

    James Neal

    Libraries - Museums - Archives - Digital Humanities - Arts & Literature - Music - Cycling - Food/Drink - Information Policy

  • Jami


    i live in DC. i work on the web. married to @cransell

  • Rachel Giacomantonio

    Rachel Giacomantonio

    A little here, a little there.

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